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Celebrating myself in numerous ways

Just 9 days ago I did not even have a blog,now I do. (patting myself on the back) I did however have a website with information that had not been updated for a while and was not shining bright or creating anything at all. So I have created a blog, using WordPress, it is basic and has no pictures on it. (how the hell do I add them?)

In the process of doing this I changed my host company. I also live in a different company from where I lived when I set up my website many years ago. And well, I lost all my information. Challenge One.

I lack technological now-how that’s for sure. I bumble my way along, but celebrate myself that I have kept up with the writing side. And my personal writing also. I have briefly looked at a few other participant posts, but would love to read many more.

In todays session, I plan to create a list of all things to check out, both from Natalie and others. This is a fabulous resource, of those that have gone before me, and paved the way. I salute ye all, and humbly thank you.

I will implement lastpass. I recently signed up with Square a payment/credit card system which I used for markets with the  creative goods I make, I assume I can link to my website somehow, when I get it back up and running. So I will look in to that also.

Then Google Drive and Google Calendar, will be  possibilities. But more so, a team, to do those things I would rather not spend my time on. Bring on Day 10, because Natalie said that’s whats coming next.

Lulu Trevena                         23rd January 2015

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