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Commit and Recommit

I am delighted I kept with the challenge.

I am new to blogging, and even though I set it up myself (woo hoo) I lost my website in the process. sad long face!

Now I have it all integrated together again, but I will need to fine tune it a bit. Thankfully I asked for support from those technology guru sorts. Message to self – you don’t need to do it all yourself, ask for help from those that are more knowledgable in certain areas.

YES I wrote for 15 days,
NO I did not do my best writing by any means.
But I stayed with it, and here I am at Day 15 (another woo hoo)
I feel a little wiser, and have many resources that I did not know existed, that I can explore more. The bonus being, that this challenge has made me a little less fearful of all that technology jargon and tools. I guess those tools ARE really there to support not confuse me.

I believe when you take just one small step towards something, The Universe takes a bigger step towards you (there is probably a quote somewhere explaining this)

During The 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge, I also applied to Elephant Journal for their Spring Apprentice intake, and after a 3 phase elimination challenge, I was chosen one of a group of 30 accepted, with 160 applicants in total.( another woo hoo)

Not bad! Actually really awesome!(and the crowd goes wild with woo hoo’s)

So now I need to step into my writer “I have something worth sharing” place. And write some good stuff or even great stuff. But no pressure!

Thanks Natalie Sisson, it was great to be a part of this challenge, and equally nice to hear your Kiwi accent, we have lived in USA for 3 years now from our home country Oz. I love to hear those accents that take me on a journey to our beautiful part of the world.

I loved it all.

Blessings and Dreams being Fulfilled, to you all.

Lulu Trevena 29th January 2015

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