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How to be Productive without Technology overload

I find myself here on Day 3 of the15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge, we have been asked to share the tools we use to enhance our productivity.


I looked into the ones that were mentioned, and readily skip across many webpages having a little look. After an hour our more I was well aware of the stress and unsettledness I was feeling. So I walked away.

Sometimes you just gotta walk away.

I turned my focus to a wardrobe spring clean. Yes it is the middle of winter here, but after completing two 60 day Wardrobe Challenges, I need to bring a little ‘ZEN’ back into my wardrobe. I had a productive few hours. So the question still is, what tool does a new blogger use to be productive?

The ones that are working for me right now are numerous color coded folders, the physical kind that make that great click when you open the rings to file your stuff! I have my computer and a nifty little pen my husband let’s me borrow, that allows me to record and write some pointers in the specially designed book and flag where the recording is at. I don’t know what it is called but I like that I can listen to a whole conversation again and collect my thoughts when I do.

Or I can talk to myself.

And recall later what I was saying!


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