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Joyous Exercise

I am joining these two words together, because I value things that bring JOY.

I have many friends that just love and I mean the capital L type of love, EXERCISE. It releases a joy response within them.

Normally I would not put exercise in a category that lights me up. And that is probably where the problem lies. I have always been healthy, active and had a body that I was comfortable in. After my last child 11 years ago and me being 41 years of age at the time of her birth, I gained weight that has not moved since, if anything it has bunkered down for the long haul.

Now at age 52 I feel enlivened from a place of self acceptance. I have taught Yoga for over 2 decades, so I am well grounded in bringing peace, attention and acceptance to most areas of my life. And up until now I have not bought that to exercise.

At my age, I honor the knowledge that I have gifts to share with the world that only I am able to do so, from my unique perspective, I feel as if I have LIGHTEN UP.  I am connected to my joy response, so I can now bring this to my exercise practise.

I now desire my outer appearence to be in harmony with this inner awareness.

I am Lightening Up, and I commit to doing that through Joyous Exercise.

It is the way forward.


Lulu Trevena                       25th January 2015

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