Live Life with Wonder

Wonder Full

Light, Lighter, In-Lightened

Bringing full focus, attention and action to my mind, body and soul.

So, I harness the word light.

Thoughts that are light, lighter mood, physical lightness, freedom of movement and an inner light glowing, the radiant light within.

All these areas are important they make the great triangle = BALANCE. (mind, body, soul)

I am stimulating my mind always and all ways.

I am no longer making excuses to not move my body, in particularly out the door and into nature with exercise shoes and attire on.

I am bringing a deep soul full connection to all that is, all ways and always.

And even though I wrote this quickly late at night, I feel the resolve within me to live this way.

Blessings to all. So be it.

Lulu Trevena                         27th January 2015


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