Live Life with Wonder

Wonder Full

love, love, love

when we know the feeling of love, express it,
infuse every interaction with it,
miracles happen, one person at a time.

Excerpt from Love: What Life is All About by Leo F Buscaglia

Dr Buscaglia’s theory is that love is learned and that everyone can and should learn to love.
I say the time is now!

“One cannot give what he does not possess. To give love you must possess love.

One cannot teach what he does not understand. To teach love you must comprehend love.

One cannot know what he does not study. To study love you must live in love.

One cannot appreciate what he does not recognize. To recognize love you must be receptive to love.

One cannot have doubt about which he wishes to trust. To trust love you must be convinced of love.

One cannot admit what he does not yield to. To yield to love you must be vunerable to love.

One cannot live what he does not dedicate himself to. To dedicate yourself to love you must be forever growing in love.

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