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Day 6 of 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge. It’s all about Business models. We are reminded not to create just a JOB. But to create a business that supports our lifestyle. As a Mum and wife this is important to me.

There are two main models, active revenue streams or residual revenue streams or a combo of both. Natalie brings the two factors that help assist us with getting really clear about our business model and they are our personality and lifestyle.

I love intimate groups of people, I share and feel lit up by working with women, and probably ones in the 3rd decade of life and beyond. My business model would include both revenue streams. My books will have an artistic component to them. I would have a few online course, I played with one many years ago and I want to reignite that one and to write a new one that is bubbling up within me now. The technology just overwhelms me, and does not light me up at all. Working on content both written and artistic does. And meeting small group of women, in real time and visually through video feed, allowing authentic sharing and supporting them, truly lights me up.

“Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives.“ – Brene Brown

To do this I need a team of people to support me with what I do not want to use my energy on, (technology) allowing me focus, creativity and to come from my place of genius and shine that outwards.

Lulu Trevena                                   January 20th 2015

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