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Manifesting Mums

what is manifesting mums?

manifesting mums is a weekly email support network
that shares information using practices, universal laws, tools, techniques and exercises from various therapeutic modalities and spiritual disciplines.

for all Mums, no matter the age of your children

(in nappies, school age, teenagers or grown up & left home)

a reminder

…to make/take time to give to yourself, self nurture

…that you are unique, worthy, have much to offer

…to empower yourself using your feelings and thoughts

…that you are a gift in the lives of others

…that encourages you to BE the person you wish to be right now not in some distant time frame

…to expand the power of your heart

…to live your life lovingly, purposefully and empoweringly

…to take passionate action to bring fulfillment, joy and new possibilities

…to nurture your faith in all that you value

…to manifest consciously the life you truly desire

your commitment

programme is 8 weeks at $108

manifesting mums also meet face to face for a ½ day playday workshop costing $70 per person, these are deeply nurturing and lots of fun.

Please email and express your interest.

manifesting mums testimonials

Manifesting Mums and Live Life With Wonder has awakened in me ‘a life’ in life itself, to revive my soul with a rich treasure of wisdom so pain-stakingly researched and sourced from a stream of greater knowledge, condensed into weekly wholesome inspirations which motivate every action, deed and thought I choose to have.

I anticipate each week with a hunger and relish in the joys around each corner of life with increased wonder !

With all my heart I recommend the journey, like giving yourself a metaphysical holiday retreat !

Thank You Lulu, you just keep on coming up with ‘WOW’ truths. Your a real diamond gatherer.

I feel validated for the woman that I am, and was always meant to be.

Bless you.

Love Love Love from Marian x


Dearest Lulu,

I just wanted to congratulate you, on enriching my day, week, year !!!

I thoroughly enjoy Manifesting Mums and look forward with enthusiasm each week to refocusing my attention to creating exactly the life I want. You are music to my soul – THANK YOU!!!

Love and Blessings


Warriewood Beach NSW

Hello gorgeous Lulu,

Yesterday was fabulous…thank you for being your wonderful self and bringing us all together…what a magical, beautiful Manifesting Mums Playday you created….I have felt fabulous ever since!  We’ve had the CD going with everyone dancing around !!!  I really feel alive with positive energy.

Lots of love

Kate xxx

Manly NSW