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MIA Reframe

MIA is a military term used when a personnel is missing in action, usually a casualty classification, for personnel who have been killed, wounded, are a prisoner of war or have deserted.

No longer can we be Missing in Action in our own lives

I am a peace lover, so a military term is slightly jarring. So this is why I need to reframe it first. I find when I reframe situations, interactions and thought in my life, a whole new level of awareness opens up, deeper acceptance, unimagined possibility and this ‘gifts’ me because of my new perspective. We, as humans, tend towards being ‘meaning making machines,’ and are overly attached to our opinions and points of view.

Think about it, this is why wars are still raging the world over!

Let’s move away from this war talk now and step into purposeful action.

Here is the reframe. MIA = Most Important Action. Taking conscience, committed purposeful action with small steps each day.

Here is where the rubber hits the road. I commit myself each day, for the next 15 days to add to my course ‘playing’ manual, dedicating a inner sense of lightness in a one hour full burst of creativity, writing, allowing and dancing with the creative force that is, to get my ideas out of my head and down in black and white. Or multicolor, what ever takes my fancy. This easy to follow ‘playing life’ manual, will live out of my truth and experience, and when shared with others, it will touch them with a profound resonance, like a seed of love bursting forth from within them.

Commit to your inner light each day, you are so deserving

Lulu Trevena                                                         January 16th 2015

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