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A week has flown by and I arrive here at Day 7 – 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge. Natalie Sisson speaks passionately about singular focus and the results that can come from this.

She asks, “How thin can I spread myself”?

Thin, very thin, extremely thin, well even to the point of being nearly invisible.

Has this ever served me?


I say again NO !

I understand this concept of singular focus. And have even marvelled when I read how some writers have produced a finished manuscript or book in two weeks through this same singular focus. I say Bravo !

Then the justifications rush in, who cooks their food, do they have children, what about the dishes, the laundry, the dog, don’t they have weeds in their gardens, what about sleep, sex, exercise. How is it possible, really is this possible?!

So right upfront, I want to say that singular focus is the one thing that does not fit comfortably for me, a mother, a Gemini, (the twins in the Astrological signs) hell I’ve got energy enough for two, and I might as well keep them busy rather than idle. And then there is the deep essence of me that I call The Kaleidoscope Woman, like a kaleidoscope many fractured pieces, quite imperfect in their individualness, but with the delight, the dance of light, become quite spectacular. I love lots and lots of things, I am delighted, excited and want to be in the experience of them all. The sign outside my home reads “Single focus does not live here.”

So here is where the light bulb turns on.

A traditional kaleidoscope, has many fractured pieces, color; great color, reflection and light and ……..

…….. Aha, ONE chamber !

One chamber to view it all. Yes One, only One, Just One, the chamber focuses your One eye to view the dance of light and color and the beauty transform you to a magical place. A place of wonder.

This is how the story continues …… The Kaleidoscope Warrioress steps forward holding high her tool of direction, the kaleidoscope. Her other hand, held out in front, all fingers bent in except one, one finger strong, straight and indicated her resolve, pointing upward indicating the number ONE and the commitment to one action.

At her feet now you can see the stacks of books she has bought in to form and her smile is broad, the era 2015 AD.

“We are all writing our own stories, and it is best to make it up as you go along from a place of delight” Kaleidoscope Woman

Lulu Trevena aka The Kaleidoscope Woman        January 21st 2015

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