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The Pathway

I have started this year with a commitment in Christine Hasslers Secret Sauce Group, uncovering, celebrating, owning, honoring and stepping forward with passionate action, living and sharing my inner gifts. Gulp scary stuff.

We have accountability partners and accountability dates to keep us focused.

What I am seeing the most of at the moment, is the celebration of each other and the willingness to embrace our gifts. It is all flowing along quite easily. Having Cheerleaders on the sidelines of your own life, is a blessing indeed. It really helps.

My first commitment is to this 6 month course, being in action, using regular self-care and recommitting if I have breakdowns. January – June

My second commitment that is in my calendar is holidaying for one month back home in Australia, to visit family, friends and even do some sight seeing –  July

My third commitment is being a parent who celebrates her child and the activities she is involved in and who offers support by volunteering when school events need extra support. Pentathlon Leadership Team – April

These are my early part of the year focuses. And my main ONE focus is publishing my first book, the later part of the year I have penciled in Book Launch, with many small stars holding it in place on my 2015 calendar (and much of my commitment number one, has that as my main action steps)

Second thoughts, I am going over it in pen right now to bold it and lock it in!

Lulu Trevena                           22nd January 2015

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