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Travel to Home

I love to travel, new sights, sounds, people and adventures to have.

And I love to be at home pottering around, being creative, hanging out with family and friends, I like knowing about new shows or restaurants that are worth exploring.

The time of one’s life speeds by so quickly.
Having a plan and focus is great and so too is free-wheeling, having an adventurous heart and a gypsy mind, spontaneously being lead or drawn to things is a great motto to live by. I achieve this occasionally, and welcome it more.

Juggling this does become difficult, when you have to throw into the mix, partners, children, homes, and pets. Oh and work.

I believe strongly in creating rituals and memorable moments.

I think I have passed that on to our children and it has also rubbed off on my hubby too.

Here is one of the sweet memories I have; for no reason, one night my husband lined our windy long driveway with tea light candles either side. And when I arrived home from teaching Yoga, these little lights created a blissful luminous pathway home.

Times like this remind me of holidays, when you think less, worry less, complain less, laugh more, be spontaneous more, relax more, play more, be kind to yourself more.

Life ultimately is about enhancing one’s joy factor, adding more of what you want and letting less of what you don’t want, fall away.

Lulu Trevena 28th January 2015

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