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Waking Up to Myself

Too many years have gone by when I prioritised everyone else way above myself, living by the unwritten ‘Mothers Code’ – they need you 24/7, and putting myself last on the very long list of things to do and people to please. Ugh!

Each day wake up to yourself

Well, it is logical enough to understand that that does not work. More recently the practicing and prioritise my personal self-care and aligning my day to what makes my heart sing has played a leading role. And it is simply that – a practice.

A gentle, loving, honouring practice, which eases up any attachment to an outcome. Because I am simply practicing.

And when I miss a day or slip back into old ways, I gentle guide myself back and tame the raging Gestapo voice that has no honour for my divine glorious expression and ways of being in the world. The taming of that voice gives me a space in my life to live more in the place of delight. And that journey is worth sharing another time.

With a long background in yoga and meditation this has normally been my first choice, but now days, 20 years on, I find simply rising before the rest of the household in silence is deeply comforting. I spend 5 minutes focusing on my breath. I use my mantra following this, and then the practice of allowing my eyes to gently ‘land’ on things around me, noticing colour, shape, dimension and any feelings that arise in me. I call this practice “Seeing with The Eyes of Love”

Each day has never been before; view it with the eyes of wonder

Then some practically moves through our household, with my husband and child rising, and all that that entails each morning.

Soon after they leave I resume my self-time, I do a Gratitude in Motion practice and drink a Kickstart mixture, which evokes something that speaks to that inner part that says, “Ready”.

I share this small snapshot of a practice that is evolving with my own loving attention.

From Gentle to Kickstart in 90 minutes, companioned by delight

Lulu Trevena                                                              15th January 2015

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